Diaper Wishing Well E-BOOK

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Diaper Wishing Well E-BOOK
Diaper Wishing Well E-BOOK Diaper Wishing Well E-BOOK Diaper Wishing Well E-BOOK
Price:     6.99

This instructional e-book will teach you to make one gorgeous diaper wishing well. This unique design calls for diapers, baby bottles, paper plates & other secret crafting items. When finished, the wishing well measures approximately 22" tall X 13" wide and has plenty of room to place cards, money and small gifts inside of it!

This e-book is 35 pages of very carefully put together, very clear step by step instructions. Each step is accompanied by color photographs to clearly SHOW each step!

When finished, this wishing well has many uses!


The guests can fill it with warm wishes for the new family. (Along with a few monetary items if they choose.) The new parents can then take it home to decorate the nursery. They can even use it for storage of small baby items! The possibilities are endless.

You will be so proud of your diaper wishing well! Fill it with baby items or what ever you want, but most of all fill it with WARM WISHES!

**Please Note: The diapers in this creation are not usable. It is more of a keepsake item. And of course, works out beautifully for storage of small baby items. Most of the Diaper Zoo items do not have the same concept as diaper cakes.**

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